I love autumn!  Living in the south, we don’t see much variation in color in the fall. So when I visit the northern states in the fall, I am dumbstruck by the beauty of God’s landscape painting of trees in every shape and hue of greens, yellows, oranges, reds, maroons, and even brown. I never grow tired of looking at the beauty of fall.


Part of what made these trees beautiful was the community of trees surrounding each other.  The variations in types of trees, shapes of trees, height of trees, and even the variations in the color, added to the beauty. Each individual tree is a thing of beauty, but together, the beauty is just enhanced.


I think that also contributes to our beauty in the human race.  While we can be pretty, beautiful, or handsome alone, our beauty is enhanced by the community of those we surround ourselves with.  Even though each one of us is different from the other, that adds to our individual beauty.  And while we might surround ourselves with like-minded people, people of similar interests, people of similar race or creed, we are each unique and each in our own stage of change and transformation in the journey we call life. Yet, when we stand together, united in community, the entire landscape is gorgeous!


What community are you being called to?