They say that knowledge is power. But what about when you don’t know what you don’t know?

Unfortunately, lack of knowledge isn’t a viable excuse. Scripture says, “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

But that was my experience with depression. Prior to experiencing depression, as a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist, I treated patients who suffered with it. Then came the time when I understood the pain, the despair, the agony firsthand, and my compassion for my patients rose exponentially like the thermometer on a hot Texas day.

Unfortunately, when I suffered with depression, I tried all the treatments I had suggested for my patients over the years, but they weren’t enough to make a dent in the heartache of my soul. I didn’t know what was missing.



When I was in my darkest days of depression, I found out I didn’t have all the answers and I felt a lot of shame because I was the doctor who was supposed to have all the answers. I was the doctor who treated patients for depression. I tried those things that I’d asked all my patients to do and they helped, but they weren’t enough.

It was during those deep dark days, those days when I despaired, those days when I didn’t want to get out of bed; those were days that I wouldn’t wish on anybody.

Fighting depression and negative thoughts

It was during those times in the dark days of depression when God met me and spoke into my heart. He gave me the truths from His word so I could fight depression and negative thoughts; the truths I could use to combat the lies that the enemy had been whispering into my heart. It was those lies that I had believed that put me into the valley of despair to begin with.

It’s those truths God spoke to me that I share with you in my award-winning book, “Hope Prevails: Insights From a Doctor’s Personal Journey Through Depression” and it’s companion, “Hope Prevails Bible Study.” It’s those same truths that I now stand on to keep me from going back into that pit.

I hope that you will hold on to my hand as you walk through the pages of this book, and together we’ll get to the other side.

And you, too, will see that because of Him, Hope Prevails.

Dr. Michelle

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About “Hope Prevails” and the “Hope Prevails Bible Study”

Depression doesn't have to become a permanent way of life. Find hope in Hope Prevails and the Hope Prevails Bible Study


Want even more help for battling depression? Here’s what others have said about “Hope Prevails: Insights From a Doctor’s Personal Journey Through Depression” and the new companion “Hope Prevails Bible Study.

Testimonials for Hope Prevails and the Hope Prevails Bible Study.”

“Your books and web resources are a God Send and helping me tremendously! I don’t have the words to express my gratitude. After a life of depression, hope is on the horizons…” ~ L.E.

“As a psychologist, I often purchase and study books written by authors who I respect. I am then able to share those books with specific individuals who I feel might benefit. “Hope Prevails: Insights from a Doctor’s Personal Journey through Depression,” by Dr. Michelle Bengtson is one of those books. If you are struggling or have struggled with depression, this is a special book that I highly recommend. You’ll not find a better faith-based, practical, real and from-the-heart approach for tackling depression head-on than that shared by Michelle. Always remember that ‘hope prevails.’” ~ H.A.

“I have to tell you that your book, Hope Prevails is my all time favorite non-fiction Christian book EVER. When the Lord led me to buy it, I had no idea how absolutely perfect it would be for me. Just what the Doctor ordered. At first, I read through the whole book, all the time exclaiming “She gets it! She really gets it!” Then, I began going through the book as my morning devotional, page by page, making copious notes and writing out the Scriptures that affected me the most…
Thank you so much and may God bless you abundantly.” ~ PD


I’m a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist who suffered depression. When I was in the pit of despair, God met me and revealed to me truths from the Bible that I could use to fight depression and negative thoughts. Find out more here. #depression #mentalhealth