I’ve been paying attention recently to comments that people make. I have found it’s both an advantage and a disadvantage to being a psychologist. I am always paying attention to everything around me. I’m always paying attention to what people say, and to what they don’t say. I’m also always paying attention to what people do, and to what they don’t do. I’m always listening and paying attention. Sometimes I’ll say something, but often I won’t –if I’m not invited to offer my opinion, I’ll stay quiet.

But I’ve noticed recently that there is a tendency for people to comment what I think they believe to be a generally benign statement, that really isn’t. Let me give you an example.

Just earlier this morning I overheard someone say, “You know, I’m just really worried that…” and then they went on to make the rest of their statement.

And yesterday, a friend and I were having a conversation and she said, “Well, Michelle, I’m just afraid that…”

What they are not realizing is that our words have power. Scripture says that “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (Proverbs 18:21).

When we say things like, “I’m worried that…” or “I’m afraid that…” then we are giving the enemy of our soul an open door to bring about those things that we are worried about.

God tells us to not be worried and to not be afraid. He says, “Fear not!” and “Be anxious for nothing!”

I realize that in both of these examples, they were rather benign circumstances that the individuals voiced concern regarding, and I think what they were trying to express was that they “wonder if…” or perhaps are “concerned about…” But their words have power. So when they say “I’m worried that…” or “I’m afraid that…”, they are opening the door for the enemy to bring about those things that they fear and/or are worried about.

Frequently, when I talk to people about the topic of worry, fear, and anxiety, I explain that that is one of the enemy’s tactics to kill our peace.

If you’ve read my book, “Hope Prevails: Insights From a Doctor’s Personal Journey Through Depression,” you know that one of my chapters is about reclaiming our peace, because the enemy of our soul tries to kill our peace, and he’s quite effective at it.

One of the ways the enemy kills our peace is by bringing about worry, fear, and anxiety. But so often, we let him, with our own words like when we say, “I’m just worried that…” or “I’m afraid that…” Whereas the truth in Isaiah 26:3, “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you.”

So rather than worrying about something, being anxious or afraid of something, we need to keep our attention focused on God. He already has our circumstances figured out. And we need to be very careful about the words we speak out, because our words have the power to bring life or death into our situation.

Be careful about your words. Speak words of life into your situation, over your loved ones, and over your friends, because they contain power. Keep your thoughts firmly planted on Him and then He will keep you in perfect peace.

Hope Filled perspective dont give your worries a voice

Because of Him, #PeacePrevails!


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Do you ever say words like, “I’m afraid that…?” Worry, fear and anxiety are ways the enemy of our soul destroys our peace. Our words have power. How do you speak life over yourself, your situations and your loved ones instead? #HopePrevails #depression #mentalhealth

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