Can you hear God? Or, does the noise of the world drown out the Voice of safety? His calls will do no good if you cannot or will not hear Him.

Where do you hear God best?

As you sit reading His Word over your morning coffee? In church listening to the Sunday sermon?

For me, it’s so often in the lessons He reveals in nature, when I’m unencumbered by the busyness of the day.

Early one vacation morning, as I sat on my towel on the damp beach sand, stilling my own heart, another family was getting set up for the day just a few feet away. The parents spread out their sheet and anchored their beach umbrella in the wet sand. As they did, with their backs turned toward the water, I looked on as their little girl, who could be no more than four or five years old, ran into the surf, splashing all the way.

Can you hear God over the noise of the world?

Wave after wave crashed upon the shore with certain authority, taking with it sand, seaweed, shells, and the very footprints that had walked there moments before.


Sound of ocean waves


Soon the mother looked up, surveyed their belongings, only to find her little girl absent. She caught my eye in a moment of panic, and I quickly but calmly pointed to the rolling waves, where I had been watching all along, ready to run in a second if the need arose.

The mother turned and yelled, “Stay there!”

“What?” The daughter calmly asked in response.


“WHAT?!?” she yelled, in return.


But the little girl couldn’t hear a word her mother screamed over the roar and whir of the waves.

Her mother was desperately trying to keep her safe. But all the shouting and screaming was doing that little girl no good, if she could not or would not hear her.

I have to wonder: How often am I that little girl? How often do I leave the safety of my Father’s shelter? How often do I go my own way, out of His will for my life? How often do I get so ensconced in my sin that I no longer hear Him when He calls or attempts to warn me of the danger?

“Commit yourself to instruction; listen carefully to words of knowledge.” Proverbs 23:12

I want to hear You, God

Oh Lord, keep my eyes focused on you, on your way, on your will.
Lord, I want to hear You.
Let me still my heart and always listen for your voice.
Let it be you alone that I hear.
Never let me let go of your right hand or move so far away that I can no longer hear your voice. For you alone I seek and serve.

Because of Him, #HopePrevails!




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Can you hear Him? Does the roar and whir of the noise around you drown out His voice so you cannot hear when He calls or attempts to warn you of danger? Does it drown out the Voice of safety? His calls will do no good if you cannot or will not hear Him. How and where do you hear God best? #God #Godspeaks #hope #faith